Do you feel exhausted at the end of each day and constantly lack time for yourself and for recharging your batteries?

Do you feel drained by a stressful professional life? Combined with an intense private life with family and friend that require your time and energy. You really feel trapped in the rat race with no possibility to stop and get off. And on the top you might also have health concerns – you feel that on the long terms this lifestyle is definitely not good for your body.

It is not a myth, a life-work balance does exist! And as we speak more and more people are taking action in the direction of another kind of life. And the irony is that that once you’ve just manage to take a first few steps, perspectives will change and you will wonder why on earth you did not do anything about it earlier.

In my job as a coach, I see many people on this journey. And often they are surprised themselves how easy it can actually be to change towards a healthier lifestyle, with the right tools and support on the way. From experience, I know that engaging in coaching programme is a a powerful way to start and get a good progress. Since it does not more that 1-2 hours every two weeks to start with, the time is possible to free up.

The coaching will help to take a step back a reflect over the current situation and on what are actually the priorities in life. Most of the time people realize that all that material stuff, bigger house, car, fancy vacations abroad, is not really their highest priority; but spending time with their kids or catching up with old friends, is worth so much more. The realize that instead of accumulating stuff that they rarely have time to use, they can make do with so much less, and what really maters is TIME. That in the end, the ONE thing that is really finite in this life is time. All the rest will come and go as life goes on. But once a day has passed it is forever gone. It might sound dramatic, but the truth is that every day passed doing low priority stuff, is a day forever lost.

Once these kind of realizations are made and really anchored, we typical work on the different kind of fears that could hold people back from making the change. Such as fear of what others will think of them, that would ‘loose’ standing in the society and so on. These are human and perfectly normal fears to have. But should not be allowed to be on the way of a change. In short, we need to let our desires guide our life, not our fears.

And the rest of the coaching will be spent on defining concrete actions, following up on progress and how to tacle any obstacle on the way. But this part is typically not as difficult. And once the direction is set and movement in place, the positive progress with keep the person going witt only a little bit of support needed from the coach.

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