Are financial fears holding you back from thinking more in-depth about your dream job? Are you convinced that making a lot of money is just for other, very special, people, not for you? And that anyway, to earn a lot of money you would have to work like crazy and sacrifice your personal life?


Of course you can make money and get rich by doing what you love! Why not? There’s plenty of people doing it already, and they are not necessarily very clever people! Look at all the Hollywood stars for example. Or famous football players, or musicians. These are only the well known ones of course, there are many more working in areas less exposed to the public. What they have in common though is that they have found and area they can really excel in (see my article on work appreciation for this) and that they never believed the people saying that they could not be rich doing what they like.

But for sure, the people getting rich from their passion are still a minority! Why is that? Because the myth that ‘you have to suffer to earn money’ is so well anchored in our society! We don’t even question it, we just accept it as the truth.

But the real truth is that if you do something you love, you will eventually become very good at it. And if you are good at it there will for sure be people who will value from your work. And even if it’s a niche product, the world is so globalized these days that you do not need a large part of the population to be interested, if you can touch several markets. It is just a question about being clever on how to position oneself to manage to reach the people who love what you love. And to put in place the ‘delivery’ of that products, whether it’s a product, service or something else, so that it can reach it’s audience with the minimum cost and effort from your side.

However there are many examples of passionate entrepreneurs who love what they do but that work like crazy for limited financial return. Coaching can help you avoiding to get into that trap by break the beliefs that it is not possible to earn more working less.

Do not get me wrong though, I am not saying that money will grow from the trees just by changing your mindset and beliefs about money. There are many other pieces in the puzzle that also have to be in place, that are also treated during a Coaching Program. And hard work is needed at some point in time, to get the necessary skills and competences in place and to set up your business. However the long-term objective is always to also have a healthy lifestyle and the financial comfort that you desire. And it is possible.

By subscribing to my 7-hour DREAM JOB coaching program you will be able to take the first and key steps towards your dreams, including ensuring you set the right financial target for yourself. I’ll help you think-outside the box and find solutions the fits your criteria and creates wealth for yourself.

For some more inspiration and thoughts on the topic I recommend you to read the book « the Science of getting Rich », a classic written already in the beginning of last century (1910) by Wallace D. Wattles. A free copy of the book can be downloaded on this website.