Are you disappointed by the fact that you never get the appreciation you would like from your manager and colleagues for the work you do? At the same time, you have the feeling that that you are not at the right place at work and that you are just one of many ‘replaceable’ people? And even though you do more or less what is asked of you, you feel that you have so much more to give and are not given the opportunity to develop your full potential?

There is one solution to all of these problems; finding out what is your true passions and talents. Only then can you really excel in what you are doing, and as a consequence also get the appreciation you are looking for, from others and from yourself.  It might sound like a hard task at first, but really, it does not have to be.

Myself I have always highly admired the people that are passionate about what they are doing But I thought that it was not anything for me, that I was just some kind of ‘average’ person not capable of being passionate, that I was not unique enough to really shine in my professional life. But then I started to question what I thought was ‘true’ about myself, my talents and my potentials. And I realized that I had not allowed myself to really get to know myself, because of preconceived perceptions of how I thought I should be. The big breakthrough came when I was able to acknowledge that the things that always interested me, like personal development and understanding human behavior, can actually be just as ‘valid’ as a passion as for example science or music. And more importantly, that I was also talented enough to make a living in my field of interest.

Because of my personal experience but also from what I have studied and seen with my coachés, I am convinced that the key to finding ones passion and talents goes by embracing the concept of authenticity. And the journey towards more authenticity goes by taking the time to explore the core on ones being and accept what lies there. Once that is done there is really no limit to what can be done.

Or as expressed very nicely by Scott Stratten: « If  you are your authentic self, you have no competition ».

On the way to this authenticity and self-knowledge, a coach can be an excellent guide to help reflecting what he/she sees and to challenge any limits and judgement we are imposing in ourselves. The coach can serve as an objective third party who is there to support but who does not have any own opinion about what a person is or should be doing in their professional life.

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