Eva Helander

Founder of Dream IT Do IT

Hi and welcome to Dream It Do It

For those of you that do not know me yet, I am certified coach and the founder of this blog,  my own little baby and dream come true. My own journey towards this dream started with the feeling that most of us spend the majority of our time doing things we do not really like. As a result, we lack satisfaction in life. 

My career started in a completely different field and having fancy job titles such as Sales Manager and Management Consultant, and I got the opportunity to meet a lot of people, at my clients and at the different projects I was working on. But everywhere I went I met the same unhappy people! So I started to question: is it really necessary to ‘suffer’ at work in order to make a nice career? And does life really have to be a daily struggle? Looking from the outside, our world does look like a true paradize! 

I had a major declick one day when I had the chance to participate in a coaching program offered to me by my employer at that time. I realised that what I wanted to do was to be in the shoes of the two amazing women that were coaching us. I just loved what they were doing! 

At that moment I was pregnant with my first child, so it was not the easiest moment for a radical career change. However, I took all the courage I could gather, also knowing that I wanted to be a role model for the child that I was bringing to life, and I decided to make of my newly found passion which was coaching also my work. I started to follow an ambitious coaching program while still on maternity leave and after completion my training I started my own coaching business. 

At that time in my life, my life was full of challenges, both on personal level being a new mum, and on professional level. However in some way it was also easy because I had this clarity and conviction of what I wanted to do in life, and I really could not imagine doing anything else

Now, a few years down the road (and another child in the family) i am really very happy to see how my life, little by little, is approaching the life of my dreams. I am another person, lessed stressed, less concerned with material things and what others might think. But with a much better self knowledge and a new way of seeing the world and what is possible. And I want to help others, who are maybe at the stage where I was a few years back, without any clarity on what they wanted to do or real passion in life, to make some important changes. 

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Thanks for being here and again a big WELCOME!